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The following additional resources are also available to you.

Association for Children for Enforcement of Support (ACES)   (651) 458-9482
A non-profit group advocating for the custodial parents of children in the child support system.

Attorney General's Office   (651) 296-3353 or (800) 657-3787
Accepts constituent comments.

Child Support Enforcement Division   (651) 296-2542 or State of MN Child Support
Minnesota state office of child support. You may use the State's website to check your child support case online.

Children's Defense Fund   (651) 227-6121
Involved in policy analysis, research, and collecting statistics. Provides no direct child support services.

Cornerstone Advocacy Service   (612) 884-0330
Deals with abuse and battering cases through a sheltering program, children's' and adults' support groups, and volunteer community education programs.

Dads Make a Difference   (651) 704-2062
A paternity education project in which older teens teach middle school students about the importance of fathers in children's lives.

East Side Neighborhood Service   (612) 781-6011
Information, referral, and advocacy program for young mothers and fathers. Works on an individual basis and in support groups to empower young parents according to their needs. Serves parents under 25 years old living in northeast and southeast Minneapolis.

FATHER Project: A program of Goodwill Easter Seals Minnesota (651) 379-5884
Ramsey County Child Support is actively partnering with the FATHER Project to support the financial and emotional involvement of fathers. The FATHER Project provides parenting and support groups, one-on-one advocacy and case management, GED services, employment services, father and family activities, child support services through our office, and legal workshops through Central Minnesota Legal Services. Contact the FATHER Project to determine if you are eligible.

Father's and Families Initiative Project   (651) 228-3292
Prepares fathers in reconnecting with their children financially, emotionally, legally and physically.

Governor's Office   (651) 296-0047
Accepts constituent comments.

Hennepin County Lawyer Referral   (612) 339-8777
A program of the Hennepin County Bar Association that puts people in contact with lawyers who can serve their legal needs.

MELD for Young Dads (Minnesota Early Learning Design)   (612) 332-7563
Provides peer-facilitated parenting education and support for young mothers and fathers, as well as the Hmong community, the deaf or hard of hearing, and people with special needs.

Minnesota Child Advocates Hotline   (800) 626-6108 or (612) 871-1473
Provides information on child advocacy action and legislation.

Minnesota County Attorneys Association   (651) 641-1600
Publishes Child Support Code handbook, educates Minnesota county attorneys on child support laws, and advocates on child support issues at the legislature.

Minnesota House of Representatives Information   (800) 657-3550 or (651) 296-2146
Directs the public to information on legislators, bills, and laws, and publishes educational materials and directories.

Minnesota Senate Information     (651) 296-0504
Provides services similar to Minnesota House of Representatives Information.

R-KIDS (Remember - Kids in Divorce Settlements)   (651) 770-6164
Nonprofit organization that lobbies the Minnesota Legislature on behalf of children of divorce. Members are primarily non-custodial parents, second spouses, and grandparents.

Volunteer Lawyers Network   (612) 752-6677
Provides pro bono legal services to clients below the federal poverty level.

If you would like to connect with the United States Office of Child Support Enforcement.  For further information, contact the Child Support Enforcement Division at (651) 266-3100, or the agent listed on your monthly statements.

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