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Updates for Identity Theft Cases

On September 5, 2013, charges were filed against the four defendants, involving several hundred victims. These cases are thanks to the hard work of law enforcement, in particular the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department, the Minnesota Financial Crimes Task Force and the financial fraud unit in the Ramsey County Attorney's Office.

As of March 13, 2014, the case status for each defendant is listed below.

State v. Shauntell Burg
Status: In Custody
             Sentencing was held 3.6.14.
Burg Complaint #1 (CA 2119005)
Burg Complaint #2 (CA 2120083)
Update: Defendant pled guilty on 10.24.13. Victims of these two offenses will receive a letter from the Victim Advocates explaining the terms of the plea agreement, restitution and victim impact statements. Received 78 months in prison. Must also pay $149,000 in restitution.

State v. Andrea Gunderson
Status: In Custody
            Sentencing was held 12.11.13.
Gunderson Complaint # 1 (CA 2119004)
Gunderson Complaint # 2 (CA 2120084)
Update: Defendant pled guilty on 10.29.13. Defendant was sentenced on 12.11.13. If you have any questions regarding the result of the sentencing feel free to contact us by email or calling us at either of our designated phone lines listed below. Received 78 months in prison. 

State v. Kristin Warren
Status: In Custody
             Sentencing was held 1.28.14.
Warren Complaint (CA 2120085)
Update: Defendant pled guilty on 11.14.13. Victims of this offense will receive a letter from the Victims Advocates explaining the terms of the plea agreement, restitution and victim impact statements. Warren received 75 months in prison, and restitution was left open for 90 days.

State v. Roxanne DeFlorin
Status: In Custody
             Trial was held 1.14.14 @ 9:00 a.m.
             Sentencing is set for 3.14.14 @ 1:30 p.m.
Deflorin Complaint (CA 2120082)
Update: The jury found Roxanne Deflorin guilty on one count of Identity Theft and not guilty on two counts of Possession of a Short-Barreled Shotgun on 1.22.14. Victims of these offenses will receive a letter from the Victims Advocates explaining the terms of the verdict, restitution, and victim impact statements. Received 54 months in prison. 

As these cases progress, you can check on their status and learn of upcoming hearings by continuing to visit this site.  If you are a victim in one of these cases, you can contact us by doing any one of the following:

• Send us an e-mail at

• Leave a voice mail message for us at 651-266-2748 or 651-266-3364.

We try to return calls and e-mails within two business days. 

Please know that we are very sorry that these crimes have occurred.

We recommend a few resources for you to learn about ways to protect your identity.

1. Ramsey County Sheriff's Department ID Theft Reminders

2. If You Believe You Are a Victim of Identity Theft 

3. Tips for Financial Safety

4. Federal Trade Commission ID Theft Webpage