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Truancy Intervention Program, Grades 7 - 12

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Since 1995, the Ramsey County Attorney’s Truancy Intervention Program (TIP) has diligently worked in collaboration with schools to address the problem of truancy in Ramsey County for all students age 12-17.  

TIP has provided a mechanism for schools to report truancy and quickly address the problem of excessive school absences.

Early identification and intervention with at-risk youth has been the hallmark of the Truancy Intervention Program.  It is well established that improved attendance leads to improving academic achievement and an increase in school completion rates.

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  • Since TIP was established, more than 31,000 students from 150 schools have been referred to the program; 1,293 students were referred in the 2009-2010 school year. 
  • During the 2009-2010 school year  76% of Saint Paul students in the program improved their attendance
  • Filings for truancy petitions have dropped approximately 50% since TIP started.
  • When asked whether TIP should continue as a truancy intervention for the upcoming school year,  94% of those surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that TIP should continue.
  • When asked about TIP’s impact, school personnel were overwhelmingly positive, responding with such comments as “Absolutely, I believe you have saved lives, moved lives closer to a healthy place.”

TIP recognizes that truancy is clearly a problem that has long-term effects on children, families, and the community.  By addressing the truancy issue aggressively a student’s absenteeism will decrease and the student’s achievement increases.

What Schools Officials Say about TIP

A recent survey of school district personnel revealed overwhelming support for the program, with 94 percent of respondents saying TIP makes a positive impact on school attendance.

Independent Assessment of TIP

In 2002, the University of Minnesota independently assessed the Truancy Intervention Program.  In her report, Dr. Clea McNeely states:  "Only rarely does one find a social intervention as effective as the Ramsey County Attorney's Truancy Intervention Program.  In my work as an evaluator with the Konopka Institute and the National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Research Center, I have never reviewed or evaluated a program as effective as TIP."

Family TIP (FTIP)

TIP originally focused on students in junior high and high school.  In response to school and community encouragement, the County Attorney’s Office expanded TIP in 1999 to serve children in kindergarten through grade 6 through a new program called FTIP, Family Truancy Intervention Program.  Ramsey County Community Human Services also joined this effort.