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Events - East Metro Crime Prevention Coalition

How We Raise Our Boys:
Engaging Men to Prevent Violence Against Women
May 12, 2015

Forum Content:
Sadly, physical and sexual violence against women is one of those issues that impacts us all – whether in the form of domestic violence, sexual assaults on college campuses or in the military, or in our communities. Unfortunately, the common denominator in the vast majority of these situations is men perpetrating the violence. With as many as one in three women experiencing some form of sexual abuse, harassment, stalking, or rape, it’s high time we start having conversations about how we raise our boys.

This forum features a keynote by Ted Bunch fro A Call To Men. They advocate for the need to talk about male socialization and the culture that objectifies women and perpetuates the cycle of men feeling entitled to use women to meet their own needs. They argue that men need to own our role in the solution, if we’re truly going to be able to prevent violence against women and children.

Rosemount Community Center
13885 South Robert Trail
Rosemount, MN 55068
See our agenda and our flyer for more details.

If you have further questions about engaging men to prevent violence against women, the EMCPC, or these materials, please feel free to contact:

Erica at (651) 266-3016 or
Monica at (651) 438-4440 or
Cathy at (651) 430-6151 or

The EMCPC recently held a Bullying, Cyberbullying and Sexting Prevention Forum at the Historic Washington County Courthouse in Stillwater. Invited guests included: school staff, law enforcement, youth leaders, faith community, criminal justice, and social workers.

Goal of the East Metro Crime Prevention Coalition:
To unify educational resources, prevention strategies and law enforcement response to address the problems that plague our communities and engage the greater community in dialogue and partnership on those issues. The Coalition shares information throughout the year as members gather resources and best practices to solve some of the most pressing crimes in our communities.

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