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Welcome to the Ramsey County Attorney's Office

photo of Ramsey County Attorney John J. ChoiThe Ramsey County Attorney's Office protects public safety through aggressive prosecution - but that isn't all we do. 

Public safety is caring for children by collecting child support, making sure kids get to school to receive an education, and helping youth who are vulnerable.  Public safety is advocating for those - young and old - who have been abused.  Public safety happens when we collectively care for all of the people in our community and when we work together for prevention.  We strive for better victim safety and greater offender accountability in all we do.

I pledge to you that we will continue to work hard every day to fulfill our mission of serving the residents of Ramsey County by pursuing justice and public safety, protecting the vulnerable, delivering quality legal services and providing leadership to achieve positive outcomes for our community.       

On behalf of everyone in the Ramsey County Attorney's Office, thank you for the opportunity to serve you and make our community safer and stronger.

John's Signature

John J. Choi
Ramsey County Attorney

Give us your feedback on a recent crime or your thoughts on crime in your community.

Request a speaker for your group or organization from the Ramsey County Attorney's Office.

RCAO Charges Archdiocese with Failure to Protect Children

Related Documents for June 5, 2015 Press Event:
-- Criminal Complaint: Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis 6.5.15.pdf
-- Civil Petition: Archdiocese Petition 6.5.15.pdf
-- RCAO Media Briefing Video: RCAO Announces Charges Against Archdiocese
-- RCAO Press Release: Archdiocese criminally charged with multiple counts of failing to protect children.

East Metro Crime Prevention Coalition:

EMCP logo

County Attorneys and Sheriffs from Ramsey, Dakota and Washington counties have joined efforts to unify educational resources, prevention strategies, and law enforcement response to the problems that plague our communities and to enter in to a dialogue and partnership with the greater community. 

Call to Action:
Engaging Men to Prevent Violence Against Women Forum to be held
May 12, 2015.

You are invited to attend a forum to address prevention of violence against women at the Rosemount Community Center. Invited guests include: school staff, law enforcement, youth leaders, faith community, criminal justice, and social workers.

This forum, featuring a keynote by Ted Bunch from A Call To Men, addresses the need to talk about male socialization and the culture that objectifies women and perpetuates the cycle of men feeling entitled to use women to meet their own needs. They will assert that, as men, we need to own our role in the solution if we’re truly going to be able to prevent violence against women and children.

More information is available here

   Ramsey County Veteran Court Track

Ramsey County formed a collaborative response to help veterans who are getting into trouble with the law. The Veterans Justice Initiative enables the criminal justice system to assist veterans who have suffered collateral consequences due to their military service and thus find themselves in trouble with the law. The focus is on public safety, accountability, identification of needs and access to appropriate resources to help restore vets to a law abiding and healthy life.

Joining forces to assist veterans are the Ramsey County Attorney's Office, St. Paul City Attorney’s Office, Ramsey County District Court, Ramsey County Public Defender's Office, Ramsey County Community Corrections, Ramsey County Community Human Services, St. Paul Police, Ramsey County Suburban Law Enforcement, Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department, Project Remand, Minnesota Veterans Affairs and Ramsey County Veterans Services.

For more information please visit the Veterans Court Services resource.

Special Links for the Public:

1. Resources for Criminal Justice Professionals

2. Gov Delivery LetterSubscribe to Public Safety News and Information from the County Attorney's Office

3. Click here to provide Victim/Witness Services Division Feedback.

4. Presione aquí para hacer comentarios.

Picture of Kids
Child Support Enforcement 
(651) 266-3344
  • We strive to meet the needs of children with a knowledgeable approach to child support that combines efficiency, diversity, innovation, and high performance.  We work to help parents and guardians make sure the needs of children are met.  We never stop working for children!

Minnesota Child Support Payment Center
                                    PO Box 64326 | St. Paul, MN 55164-0326

                                             Services Provided | Child Support Establishment
                                             Paternity Establishment | More | RCAO Child Support Brochure

school busSchool Attendance: (TIP & FTIP)   651-266-3135

Attending school every day and being on time increases a student’s learning capacity, earning potential as an adult and positive opportunities through life. It is also the law. The Truancy Intervention Program (TIP) and the Family Truancy Intervention Program (FTIP) work to ensure all of our children are in school to receive the benefits of education.

Why Attendance MattersSchool Attendance Laws | What Parents Can Do | Truancy Intervention Program | Family Truancy Intervention | Referral Procedures | Referral Forms | Contact Us

Special Pages of Interest to the Public:

St. Paul Police Department Crime Lab:
Click here for information about the issues involving the St. Paul Police Department Crime Lab.

Community Prosecution:
We now offer more court information for the various communities in Ramsey County on our website.  You may find that information under our Community Prosecution & Policing page.

Ramsey County Joint Domestic Abuse Prosecution Enhancement
Project in Maplewood and White Bear Lake

On January 5, 2015, the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office, working in partnership with the cities of Maplewood and White Bear Lake as well as Tubman Family Alliance, will embark on a two-year pilot project to improve domestic violence prosecution outcomes for misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor cases. We will strive to improve our system response to domestic violence incidents by ensuring victim safety and offender accountability that is sure and swift.

Click the link for more information on the Maplewood & White Bear Lake Projects.