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Janice Rettman County Commissioner
Representing District 3

Commissioner Contact Information

Janice Rettman (email)
Ramsey County Board Office
Room 220 Court House
15 West Kellogg Boulevard
Saint Paul, MN 55102

Tel:  651-266-8360
Fax: 651-266-8370

Commissioner Assistants (Part-time)

Linda Jungwirth 651-266-8360
Mark Voerding 651-266-8360 (email)

Administrative Secretary

Kim Burback 651-266-8360 (email)

Serving citizens in the following communities (District Map):

Central Corridor Neighborhood (which may be represented by other Commissioners):

County Board Committees

  • Vice-Chair--Ramsey County Board of Commissioners
  • Chair--Ramsey County Housing & Redevelopment Authority
  • Chair--Ramsey County Board Audit Committee
  • Chair--Ramsey County Health Services Committee
  • Vice-Chair--Ramsey County Budget Committee
  • Vice-Chair-Ramsey County Finance, Personnel & Management Committee
  • Ramsey County Facilities Committee
  • Ramsey County Legislative Committee
  • Ramsey County Public Works, Parks & Solid Waste Committee
  • Ramsey County Regional Rail Authority

Outside Boards & Committees

  • Law Library Trustee
  • Court House/City Hall Committee
  • Joint Property Tax Advisory Committee
  • Metropolitan Alliance for Healthy Families Home Visiting Program
  • Metropolitan Library Services Agency (MELSA)
  • Metropolitan Mosquito Control District
  • Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board
  • MN State Community Health Services Board
  • Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC) District X Representative
  • AMC Health & Human Services Committee
  • National Association of Counties (NACo) Health Steering Committee
  • Alternate-Central Corridor Management Committee
  • Alternate-Community Action Partnership
  • Alternate-MetroGIS Policy Board 
  • Alternate-Ramsey County Library Board of Trustees Liaison
  • Alternate-Metropolitan Emergency Services Board

State of Minnesota
City of Saint Paul
County Board
Property Tax

Transit Sales Tax Statement 2008 (pdf)
Light Rail Transit
Draft EIS
Email Transit Updates

The Rettman Ramsey Reports

Commissioner Rettman's Bio

Commissioner Janice Rettman has served residents living in Falcon Heights and portions of the city of Saint Paul on the County Board since April of 1997. Prior to that she served over 11 years on the Saint Paul City Council representing the North End, South Como and Como Park areas and part of the Eastside. With the adoption of the redistricting plan in 2012 Janice now serves all of her previous city council neighborhoods as well as Frogtown and a portion of the Midway area as well as the city of Falcon Heights.

At the county, Commissioner Rettman serves as Vice-Chair of the County Board, chair of the Ramsey County Housing and Redevelopment Authority, and Chair of the county Health Services Committee. Other committee activities include a Law Library Trustee, the Ramsey/Washington County Resource Recovery Project Board, the State of Minnesota Community Health Board Services Advisory Committee, the Metropolitan Area Library Service Agency (MELSA). the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District and the National Association Of Counties Health Steering Committee to name a few.

While on the Saint Paul City Council Janice worked closely with community residents and other council members to create effective legislation to deal with problem properties and to make city neighborhoods cleaner and safer.

As a county commissioner and city councilmember she is proud of her work to create equal opportunities in hiring practices, for civil service testing that reflects the duties of the position, for requiring living wages for county contracts, for requiring real opportunities for disadvantaged businesses to access county contracts, for the re-institution of the Environmental Response Fund (ERF) to clean up polluted lands and create new jobs for area residents, and for the implementation of a fiscally responsible budget review process that focuses on completing identified goals and adopted priorities.

With Building Trades and Labor help Commissioner Rettman worked to restore and transform a six bedroom house into the first housing for veterans in Ramsey County.  A District 3 veteran and electrician provided the flag and a lighted flagpole to celebrate the opening.

And based on concerns from district citizens she researched, wrote and created a plan to allow tree and wood waste (branches, trees, brush) to be dropped off and accepted at four of the county yard waste sites.  Some of the wood is made into mulch.  However, the majority of the wood is picked up and burned at the District Energy plant in downtown Saint Paul as a fuel source producing heat and electricity.  Now, this is a very popular and well used amenity by residents.

Commissioner Rettman believes that government should be responsive to its citizens and provide opportunities for meaningful public input.  She works diligently toward improving the fiscal policies and management practices of the county to reflect that input.  At the county, Commissioner Rettman ranks quality affordable housing for all, effective service delivery, environmental protection and being creative in developing solutions as priorities.  She has two part-time staff, each with expertise in different areas, to assist in meeting these priorities.

Prior to her role on the County Board, Commissioner Rettman served on the Saint Paul City Council, served as director of the Saint Paul Housing Information Office, served as chair and board member of the District 10 Community Council and served as a VISTA Program volunteer.

Linda Jungwirth is a life-long resident of Saint Paul’s North End neighborhood. She has worked for Commissioner Rettman since February of 1998 and is active in the Tri-Area Block Club and the District 6 Community Council.

Mark Voerding, also a life-long resident of Saint Paul, has worked for Commissioner Rettman since February of 2002. He is active in his Ramsey Hill neighborhood association, the Selby Avenue Task Force, has served on the District 7 and District 8 Planning Councils as well as a number of city-wide planning committees.