Quick Note: Over the summer, some Falcon Heights Coffman residents invited Janice to view their incredible gardens and to an exquisite thank you lunch. Janice remains impressed by the wonderful people and their excellence of knowledge. Janice feels it was an honor to work with them on issues like the soccer stadium site.

And at the far eastern side of the District, Janice is aggressively standing with the residents of the east consolidated area bounded by the railroad tracks, Case, Edgerton, and I-35. Unfortunately the Phalen Corridor Planners a year ago did not clearly state at the outset that there was the possibility their plan may include demolition of houses. Thus, the plan surprised neighbors and Janice when it did just that! Odd, since less than 5 years ago, the residents and Janice (while on the City Council) had worked with ESNDC, District 5, and the city to create the East Consolidated Plan which was adopted as part of the St. Paul Comprehensive Plan. The Plan calls for more homeownership, reconversion of carved up rental housing to homeownership or duplexes, and more accessible guidelines for loans and grants for homeowners and landlords to add to their property value. The residents vow to stay—they support the possibility of new jobs and a new roadway. Many have lived their lives and invested much in the community. The City, Port Authority, Corridor Initiative and Planning Commission all are now listening. Janice at one of the Board meetings stated that the tax forfeited properties being deeded to the City by the County came with the strings of her involvement to do infill housing and NOT DESTROY A HARD WORKING NEIGHBORHOOD!



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