Summer Around the District

By Linda Jungwirth &
Mary Thoemke

As many of you know, Janice makes maximum use of the time allotted to her legislative assistants. Three of us share one full-time position allowing the two of us (Linda and Mary) to be out and about in the community while Gene Haselmann holds down the fort at the office. Mary Beseman, however, has the challenge to literally answer 100s of calls, e-mails plus scheduling and coordinating all four of our activities.

During the summer months we ventured out to many different events and visited more than a few businesses in Commissioner District 3, in addition to attending our regular meetings and catching up on paperwork at the office.

We participated in neighborhood events in every corner of the district, which includes the North End/South Como, Como Park, Hamline Midway, Frogtown, Saint Anthony Park, part of the East Side, and Falcon Heights.

We said goodbye and wished a happy retirement to Saint Paul Police Commander Dan Carlson as he left the Western District police station. We helped with community barbecues in the Frogtown neighborhood, sponsored by Thomas Dale Frogtown Weed and Seed, District 7 Planning Council, the Thomas Block Club, and Speak Up Clean Up. It was great to see the many families and friends who came to share food and fun.

We again donned aprons and helped serve food under the tent erected on Topping Street. This community gathering was held to celebrate the progress made to date on the development of the Great Northern Corridor at the former Maxson Steel/ Dale Street Shops site. Old buildings have been demolished, and environmental cleanup is taking place at this brownfield location. Exciting times lie ahead as the proposed Business Park is being developed with the promise of the creation of new, good paying jobs for neighborhood residents.

We attended a presentation of planned development along University Avenue hosted by the University Avenue Corridor Initiative. (UACI).

One of our favorite year-around activities is door knocking which we do throughout the district. The two of us went out with Janice, and we were quite a sight wearing our straw hats and sunscreen melting on our faces. We visited businesses on the north side of University Avenue, Fairview and Prior Avenues, Como Avenue, Lower Rice Street, West Minnehaha Avenue, and Pierce Butler Route as well as Energy Park and Empire Builder Business Park. We talked to people in the business places about transportation options and informed them about upcoming public hearings to be held this fall regarding the Central Corridor (see attached meeting dates) Many decisions about transportation will be made in the coming months and we value the comments you gave us and continue to give.

It was heartening to see the warm reception we received, even though we stopped in to visit without warning. We were so impressed with the interest shown, the caring for their employees, and the hardworking people we met.

We also visited residents along Como Avenue, Larpenteur, and businesses and residents along Pierce Butler Route to inform them about maintenance roadwork being done on their streets.

We are working with the Viet, Vasko and Minnehaha/Jackson neighborhood regarding transfer station and recycling issues.

We are also continuing to door-knock residents regarding the new jobs coming soon to the Maxson Steel/Dale Streets Shops.

We took part in the Rice Street Festival, and marched in the Frogtown Festival Parade, and attended National Night Out Celebrations. Janice also had a magnificent time at the Harvest Parade.

We're sorry to see the summer end. We met so many good people who are working so hard every day to make our community a better place. We see the neighborhood in a whole new way and have a new appreciation for all. Thank you for all you do, and thanks for the memories you have given us.

We can only anticipate the fall and our schedule for door-knocking and events. We are sure there will be many adventures with you.


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