Excellence & Longevity (a good start toward model employer)

County Manager Paul Kirkwold already has a head start on developing the County as a model employer—an excellent job-performing workforce.

Excellence was honored at the County's Annual Employee Recognition Luncheon on 2/27/01.

"Excellence is doing more than is expected, it's walking the extra mile, or seeing a job that needs doing and getting it done. It is an attitude and way of looking at life. It shows up 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In all its different forms, it is what the 8 individuals and 7 groups receiving Ramsey County's 2000 Achievement Award represents," explained Ramsey County Board Chair Rafael Ortega (Close Up 2/2001).

Awardees are nominated by their peers and come from various departments within the County. Seated at Janice's and Gene's table this year were Terry Noonan & Tom Peterson, two individuals who were key in developing the Capitol Region Watershed District Management Plan. By managing water resources on a watershed plan basis, communities can better work together to prevent and correct flooding, polluted lakes, eroding streambeds, and protecting the aquifers.

And seated to Janice's immediate left were Fritz Blesener and Don Lehmann, monitors of the County's Midway Yard Waste Site. Over 65,000 vehicles enter this site each year, making it the busiest in the County. Over the years they have built a wonderful rapport with the large number of the site's regular users.

Both men take extreme pride in the appearance of the site. They continually pick up litter left there or near the entrance and they have enhanced the site by purchasing, with their own money, more than 30 ten-gallon planters, and filling them with flowers around the site perimeter…. They continually are praised in phone calls and in surveys completed by their customers. (More detailed stories of all the awardees are in the special edition of Close Up, 2/2001, which is published by the Ramsey County Manager's Office).

"Loyalty and dedication are qualities found throughout the fine work force at Ramsey County," Kirkwold stated. "This is very clear when you see the number (625 celebrants) of our employees who are celebrating 20, 25, 30, and 35 years of service in 2000."

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