Public Collection (garbage talk)

At the 6/12/2001 Board meeting the Commissioners had an in-depth discussion of Public Collection of Solid Waste. Presently Ramsey/Washington County act as the Resource Recovery Board and transact business in accordance with a joint powers agreement.

At the March 22, 2001 Resource Recovery Project Board (RRPB) workshop, staff was directed to: "Evaluate how public collection can be implemented most expediently in the Counties."

Upon viewing the documentation, Janice expressed that the draft resolution seems to predetermine outcome. "I want it made clear in the final resolution that there is no predetermined outcome," she said. Janice continued, "It is time to talk about this. I would like each Commissioner to be made aware of when each of the neighborhood meetings are to be held with notification to district councils, with plenty of lead notification. It will need to be in different languages easy for people and environmentalists to get involved. There are lots of businesses that need to be involved in this concept discussion."

Commissioner Haigh is in agreement with Janice and said, "This is a complex issue and a lot of pressure will be received from some parts of the industry that do not want the questions asked. It is important that the people who pay for waste management are engaged in the dialog."

Commissioner McDonough wanted to be assured that this Board would not just be acting on the recommendations from the Project Board. "My concern is that this would be a joint decision with some compromise and concessions. Each County might want to adopt something different. I am fine with this if the resolution states that each County can have something different."

When Commissioner Reinhardt first introduced the topic she said, "Public collection does not mean that the County would purchase garbage trucks, but it's important to look at what already exists in some communities, as well as any downsides. Discussions would have to be held here just as it is now."

The Board's revised resolution: 1) Directs that the County fully explore and consider development and implementation of a public collection system for solid waste, and that the County engage participation of residents, municipalities, solid waste haulers, businesses and citizens groups as it considers development and implementation of a public solid waste collection system; 2) Authorize the RRPB the responsibility for the study of a public collection system on behalf of each County..; 3) The outcome of this exploration and discussion is not predetermined and final decisions will be made by individual county boards.

So this summer Janice and her staff will be out visiting in the community with businesses, community organizations and you individual home owners. Garbage is the talk and Janice wants your input.


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