An Editor's Good-bye by Gene

Fright! Best describes what I first felt when I read that I was editor and chief author of this newsletter (10/1997) Now, seventeen letters and fifty articles later, I still garnish a little fright when I read that line. The difference is that a little angst is good because it makes the writing juices flow. In a way, I should thank Janice for this assignment because it has made me focus on issues and to report them in a journalistic manner so that you, the district 3 resident, can be informed about your County government and what it is doing. I have always been too global (muddled is how my U of M English professor described it) in my thinking. Janice wanted someone to simply state the issues in an objective and informative way and state where Janice stands on that issue. This is what I have tried to do and now I will leave you with the issues that someone will have to inform you about in up coming letters.

Well, how do they say it in the newspaper business: "Let's put this issue to bed." And thank you Janice for taking me from a muddled and global thinker to one that can focus somewhat better.

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