GOOD CITIZEN (one of our own)

The North End News (July 2001) reported that Linda Jungwirth, one of the Assistants to Janice, is the 2001 St. Paul and Ramsey County Park Citizen of the Year, in recognition of her hard work on the Trout Brook Greenway and the preservation of the 38-acre Trillium site. The report continued and stated that Jungwirth and other members of the Tri-Area Block Club have worked very hard in recent years to keep less-than-desired industrial uses out of the area, which is near many homes, a school and a playground.

Jungwirth has spent much time over the past few years circulating petitions, meeting with elected officials and serving on the Trout Brook Greenway Task Force, which recently wrapped up its planning efforts. The plan calls for preserving the Greenway, including the Trillium property and creating hiking and biking trails and a nature preserve (bird, butterflies and bats habitat).

Unfortunately, the dollars needed to acquire the Trillium property were line-item vetoed. The Pioneer Press article (7/3/01) regarding vetoes identified the $1 million appropriation to the St. Paul Port Authority for acquisition of the Trillium site near Interstate 35E on the city's North End as vetoed. Ventura says the project was not pre-approved by all parties involved in negotiating a final agreement on the bill and is not an emergency item.

On her own, Jungwirth continued to pursue what is best for the neighborhood and in spite of this funding setback.


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