Affordable Housing, something that all the Commissioners believe in but approach differently (see RRR, Nov/Dec 1997, Tax Forfeited Properties; Jan/Feb Maxon Steel; March/April/May 1999; Jan/Feb/Mar 2000; Fall 2000; January/February 2001 Housing and Productive Day Golf). If history repeats itself, Janice will seek out ways to generate dollars to develop housing through a permanent housing endowment not the tax dollars. Just this week (July 25th 2001), the Ramsey County old Super Cycle site was auctioned off for $900,000 and the dollars will be the start of the endowment. Janice had hoped to go further by selling the work house lands for "big bucks" (Productive Day Golf) to start a $10 million endowment. And the "high buck dollars for housing" would have added "life cycle" housing to the County. But a golf course is the direction the County went (with out Janice).

As I said, I'm a bit global in my thinking and now I have perhaps just room for two more issues.


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