Transportation, (see Jan/Feb 1999; Summer 1999; Jan/Feb/Mar 2000; May/June 2000; Fall 2000; Fall 2000; January/February 2001; May/June 2001) Have you ridden the bus lately? My last ride was June 11. And sad to report, it may truly have been my last ride. Folks, this new grid system must be for the gods of transportation because us human folks need to get to placesólike workóand the buses just go across the two cities; really great if you want to go to Crystal from Maplewood. Bus-ways, light rail, commuter rail, corridors, gridlock, what will the final mix be and when? And if history repeats itself, Janice will let Metro Transit and MN Dot know where we stand. We cannot afford to just wait for a gridlock to happen on our freeways. Gridlock could impact economic community development; businesses need quick delivery routes universally. People need convenience and safety. A clogged metro area is slowly going to die an economic death. Through Janice's work, she was instrumental in keeping the bus on Arlington albeit they screwed up the route. Unfortunately the Como Ave. re-route (which should have been left on VanSlyke) was forced on the neighborhood and there was little that your County could do about that.


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