City and County Workforce Merger, (see RRR, June/July/August 1998; March/April/May 1999; May/June 2000; Fall 2000) The merger created a new department: Workforce Solutions. The mission is to provide and/or coordinate specialized workplace products and services to employers and individuals that meet the needs of the area labor market. Right now the Workforce Investment Board is still struggling with their role and strategic plan (two workshops scheduled in August) and the bigger issue how they relate to the Board, the new department and the economic community. Some members see their role mostly as economic development of the east metro area. Others see their role as responsible for the development of jobs and educating a workforce for the 21st century and others see it as carrying out the mandates of the state and the congress; i.e. moving MFIP clients from welfare to work. And if history is to repeat itself, as economic conditions fluctuate the focus of Workforce will change, with more "social capital" orientation when needed.


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