Quick Notes From Gene

At the January 8, 1998, Board meeting, Commissioner Rettman amended the RULES OF PROCEDURE to include whenever possible that all Board and Committee Meetings be televised. This amendment will allow the crucial Budget Review Meetings to be public next year. Thanks Janice for taking this first step to more open government.

Janice’s standing County Board Committee assignments for 1998 are Health Services, Chair; Criminal Justice, Vice Chair; Physical Resources, member. Committees of the Whole are Housing Redevelopment Authority, Legislative, and Regional Rail Authority. No doubt, Janice will be at all Finance, Personnel & Management Committee meetings.

The Health Services Committee is a new Committee. Ramsey County Public Health and St. Paul Public Health were merged in 1997. This merger has been part of the impetus for creation of this committee.

Last Minute News: Falcon Heights: Spring 98 Construction of Larpenteur Av, Cleveland to Snelling.

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