On December 9, Commissioner Rettman recommended that the 7 acre parcel of tax forfeited land at 550 Topping St. be sold to the Port Authority for one dollar. This nuisance fire-damaged property had over $200,000 owed on back taxes. The Port Authority working with the community will now be able to develop the land for new businesses for an area that has the highest unemployment rate in the City. The Pioneer Press reported that the redevelopment, when completed, could keep or bring "750 hoped-for industrial jobs." This 7 acre site is one parcel of the 57 acre area that makes up the Maxson Steel/Dale Street complex. Redevelopment for this parcel could start in early 1998. The rest of the complex will take up to 3-5 years to clean up and develop.

The Frogtown Times reported that County Commissioner Janice Rettman was the driving force behind the land seizure under the tax forfeited land law. This law allows for a quick turnaround in cases where property with unpaid taxes and/or a history of being a nuisance property could be returned to the tax rolls to serve a higher public purpose or sold at public auction. "The Board to my knowledge has never done this before," said Rettman. Next on Rettman’s list: Frogtown residential nuisance property which could be taken for unpaid taxes and turned into new ownership housing by the community working with the Greater Frogtown CDC.

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