Quick Notes From Gene

Mary Thoemke and Linda Jungwirth deserve special recognition for going beyond just attending meetings and delivering feedback to Janice.

Mary became an active advisor to the Jackson Playground Fundraising Committee. This Committee has been working tirelessly to raise monies to rejuvenate the Jackson Preparatory Magnet School playground which is located in the heart of Frogtown at Edmund and Western. Sales of T-shirts, pizza, specialized jewelry, and raffles of Beanie babies did not raise the needed dollars. Mary suggested that grant dollars are available for Capital Improvement. A couple members of the Committee were encouraged by Mary to attend a City of St. Paul sponsored grant-writing workshop. Afterwards, they began writing grants in earnest. In April, the Committee was notified that they have been awarded an $18,500 STAR grant. They are still short dollars, but believe that they can raise the remainder through sales of the remaining sweatshirts and T-shirts. Anyone out there from the Committee? I’d like a look at a T-shirt.

Sometimes an ordinary meeting becomes an extraordinary one. That’s what happened at the Thomas/Dale Block Club meeting of April 27, 1998. "Speak Up, Clean Up" received a grant from the Minnesota Department of Children, Families and Learning to create/expand a program in the Thomas/Dale Block Club area to supply critical legal assistance to those who need legal help because they have reported crimes. Linda Jungwirth became part of the "Steering Committee" that will be involved in the development of guidelines for the Program. The Program will 1) provide emergency legal help to victims and witnesses of crime; 2) assure victims and witnesses of crime that help is available; and 3) increase reporting of crime.

Commissioner Rettman would like to say thank you to Mary and Linda.

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