Public Relations Director (needed or not)

Lone dissenter, Commissioner Janice Rettman says "not." On June 15, the Pioneer Press reported that the County plans to add a third public relations position. Janice stated that the two current communications specialists, Lee Bradford and Carol Mladek are doing a fine job. "To me being more visible is being out in the community, at meetings and so on," Rettman said. "If I can’t explain to the citizens what the County is doing, I’m not doing my job…. I don’t need a PR (public relations) person. Where two or three are gathered together, I should be talking about what the County does." Janice continued, "One of my concerns is this could be writing public relations pieces for the elected officials (the County Board members ). I see this as press release central."

Time will tell if a third one is needed to tell the untold story of County government.

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