Risk Taking

Is Commissioner Rettman a "take no risk ever" person? No! Where risk is reasonable and spelled out, Janice will consider it. Example: the Ramsey Nursing Home—Care Choice Pharmacy Ownership proposal of June 9. The proposal spelled out the financial risk—up to $80,000; it outlined improvement of current services as well as expansion of additional services. The investment could generate approximately $8,400 interest earned with payments being made to investors starting in July 2001. "To expand and improve services as well as generate earnings, seems to balance with the risk being taken," said Janice. "However, before we talk about expanding to the mental health services of the County, I would like to see the ‘track record’ at the Nursing Home"(then what, Lake Owasso?). "In addition, I would like to know about our liability limits and possible insurance coverage to limit risk."

On June 16, the questions regarding liability and insurance were answered satisfactorily and Janice voted in the affirmative to take the risk.

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