Don Juenemann Honored

Don’s Co-workers introduced the following resolution at the August 18, meeting.

WHEREAS, Don Juenemann provided Public Health services as a public employee for thirty-three (33) years; and

WHEREAS, Don Juenemann while serving as a Housing Code Enforcement Officer protected the health of the citizens of Saint Paul and extended great personal effort to assure the well being of at risk children and senior citizens; and

WHEREAS, Don Juenemann through his compassion and humor, was a great co-worker, mentor, and friend to other public employees; and

WHEREAS, THE EMPLOYEES OF PUBLIC HEALTH are developing a permanent remembrance at 555 Cedar Street to honor Don’s outstanding life, work, and ultimate sacrifice; Now, Therefore Be It

RESOLVED, the Board of County Commissioners officially acknowledge and honor the outstanding contribution to Public Health and public service by Don Juenemann.

Rob Fulton, Director, Public Health Department said that Don Juenemann will not be forgotten, and that as a lasting memory to him, the Public Health Department has determined that employee safety is the number one concern. Training classes in safety are provided for employees and a system is being developed to alert employees to possible violence. Mr. Fulton said staff are committed to a violence-free workplace.

Commissioner Rettman presented a plaque of the Board resolution to Mr. Juenemann’s widow, Roseanne Juenemann and their children. A moment of silence was observed.

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