Alternatives to Violence Project (kids doing good things)

"We don't hear enough about when kids do good things," said Janice at the April 6, Board meeting. St. Paul Central High School students Hal Allen, Tanesha N. Glass, Rayouna Hampton, Amber Harrilal, Cassie McClain, Washington Nguyen and Elisha Watkins as well as St. Paul Academy and Summit School students, Alex Blodgett and Rolando (Dito) Castellanos received certificates of accomplishment for their participation in "Training for Trainers" Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), sponsored by Friends for a Non-Violent World, is education about non-violence as a way of life. Along with the certificates, Commissioner Rettman presented the schools' administrators with plaques inscribed with the resolution. Terry Kaiser of AVP stated that "this is the only alternative to violence program that offers experiential training statewide." These students volunteered 60 hours of their time to this training. As Trainers, they will take their skills back to their schools to apply. Liz Stevens, Director, Y.C.F., thanked the Board for honoring these students. Rose McGee, St. Paul Academy and Summit School, said, "the students involved were excellent youth." She too thanked the Board for this honor. Student, Rayouna Hampton, at the encouragement of Commissioner Rettman, said a few words, "the students involved did a good job, and that it is an excellent program." Katy McWatt, Central High School, said the students involved were excellent youth. Dr. Purvais, attending for the Central High School Principal, thanked the Board for honoring these students. "I believe this is the first time that these two schools have been linked in a cooperative effort, which is rather unique since they are within less than a mile of each other." Future involvement is expected.

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