Lake Owasso (as families want it)

The state legislature approved the dollars and made regulatory adjustments necessary to re-build Lake Owasso. The plan is to remove the existing structures and rebuilding all 64 beds in 8-bed family living groups consisting of 4-bed self contained units and separate administrative offices.

Mary Joppru, President, Lake Owasso Parent Group, contacted Commissioner Rettman's Office the day after the Governor signed the bill to thank Janice and others that worked to get this accomplished. "Since the bill has been signed, I have been receiving calls from other parents—we are overcome with joy! We knew it was a long shot going in and we want to be sure to thank you Janice, Victoria (Commissioner Reinhardt) Terry Lindeke and Nick Riley (legislative liaisons) for all your hard work and support."

Janice has said, "From the beginning, I believe that the parents have a right to choose the home and care that they think is best for their loved ones. I made a surprise visit back in the summer of 97 and was super impressed with staff and the park-like setting—all they need is the buildings to go with it all."

And how good is the staff? At the June 15 meeting, Janice presented Bill Stitch, Program Director at Lake Owasso Residence, with an Employee Achievement Award for excellent job performance.

Janice said, "I've been told that you are one of the key persons that makes LOR a wonderful place for staff and residents." Bill thanked the Board, his co-workers, and residents of LOR for the award and said, "My roots are in direct care and I don't want to forget that. Involvement with residents keeps me focused as to the mission and purpose of LOR."

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