County Manager Resigns (the search is on)

With Terry Schutten's resignation, the search for a new manager has begun. The Commissioners are all relatively new (tenure of two terms or less) and they all seem to have individual preferences as to what they want in a manager. The Board hired the national search firm of Mercer Group Inc. Jim Mercer, President, met with the Commissioners separately to get their views. The Board recommended that he meet with representatives of each department and with the county attorney and sheriff's office for their ideas. Additionally, community input was sought. Janice's answer to the Mercer's Group ten key-questions was an emphasis of honesty above all else. The Pioneer Press of 5/31/99 reported, "He (Schutten) tried extremely hard to find out where everybody was (on an issue), said Commissioner Janice Rettman. "He wanted four votes before he made a recommendation."

Management skills and honesty is what the Commissioner has stressed to the Mercer Group. "I want to see the top resumes of your search—all inclusive—persons of color and gender balance hopefully. We (the Board) will do the selecting from there, " she concluded. Janice wants the option to hire from within Minnesota and our ranks as there are strong leaders here already.

Paul Kirkwold, acting County Manager, has been doing a very good job since Terry's departure.

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