Meet District Three Support Staff

Each Commissioner organizes how they want to do their work. Janice has four support staff that she has brought on board for their various strengths and approaches. Gene, Mary, Linda and Doris job share the 40-hour Assistant to the Commissioner position. Here they are:

Mary Beseman
Mary has worked in the capacity of support person for Saint Paul City Councilmembers from 1986 to June 1997. Though not as visible, Mary's is the "real voice" you will hear when you call between 8 and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. She has the daunting task of scheduling everyone and keeps Janice on track in addition to MANY other tasks. Presently, she is an integral part of the support team for Commissioner Rettman which Mary finds very challenging. "I appreciate being part of the Commissioners' workforce."

Mary Thoemke and Linda Jungwirth
Mary and Linda attend many, many meetings in the neighborhoods of the District-evenings and weekends. They are additional eyes and ears for the Commissioner. Both Linda and Mary are lifetime residents of the North End/Como. Both are neighborhood activists. Mary, after a career of child raising, took on the duties of editor of the North End News. Since 1996, Mary has worked as an advisor and liaison at Arlington H.S. "My experiences at the school and within the community complement each other. I am happy to have the privilege and opportunity to work with Janice and to be an intricate part of my community.

Linda is focusing on transit issues for Janice. Linda is known for her tenacity and her muffins (though Janice hasn't sampled one yet). She is an avid nature lover and brings that zeal for life into her work and home. "In addition, my duties take me into the community where I have the pleasure of meeting many of Janice's constituents."

Doris Quinn
Doris worked in Citizen Service/Information and Complaints for over twenty years and enjoyed her job immensely. "One of my great loves is talking to citizens. It is wonderful to be able to assist people; they are usually very grateful even if the response is a negative one. People/citizens are very happy to speak to a person. I am grateful to be able to do a similar job for Janice, who is a very 'people' person. I truly believe St. Paul and Ramsey County are fortunate to have Ms. Rettman represent them." P.S. With Janice Rettman the citizens are getting the utmost for their tax dollar.

Gene Haselmann
Gene has been a lifetime Ramsey County resident. He and his family have been homeowners in Como Park since 1968. After his retirement from the State in 1997, Gene began working for Janice as an Assistant. Gene's responsibilities are to research, analyze and advise Janice on specific issues. Gene is focusing on the county's contracting policy and procedure, and the merging of city and county job and training programs. Gene's "agreement" with Janice requires 100% concentration on issues while on County time and 100% living his retirement hours doing "fun" things. Those "fun" things include reading, fishing, walking, travel and especially daycare responsibilities of grandson, Benjamin Walter. "It is a privilege to work here, and I appreciate Janice's confidence in me."

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