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Book Resources for Families

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pic of library booksCo-Parenting

Moms House Dads House – Making two Homes for your Children
Isolina Ricci

The Co-Parenting Survival Guide – Letting Go of Conflict after Divorce
Elizabeth Thayer & Jeffrey Zimmerman

Men & Women Building a Parenting Agreement that Works
Mimi E. Lyster

Parenting Together
Diane Ehrensaft

Renegotiating Family Relationships – Divorce Child Custody and Mediation
Robert E. Emery

Men & Women Parenting Together
Diane Ehrensaft

Sharing the Children – How to Resolve Custody Problems & Get On With Your Life
Robert E. Adler

The Co-Parenting Survival Guide – Letting go of Conflict after Difficult Divorce
Elizabeth Thayer & Jeffrey Zimmerman


Custody Wars
Mary Mason

The Child Custody Book
Judge James W. Stewart

Protecting Children from Domestic Violence
Peter Jaffe Nancy Lemon & Alison J Cunningham

Should You Really Seek Custody of Your Children?
Dr. Aline S Kerman

In The Best Interests of the Child
Laurie Murphy Ph D

Caught in the Middle – Protecting Children of High Conflict Divorce
Carla Garrity

Children and Divorce/Separation

Talking to Children About Loss – Words, Strategies, and Wisdom to help Children Cope with …Divorce 
Maria Tozzi

Between Two Worlds – The Inner Lives of Children
Elizabeth Marquardt

Warring Parents, Wounded Children – Cautionary Tales
Joseph Helmreich & Paul Marcus

Divorce – Young People Caught in the Middle
Beth Levine

ABC’s of Divorce – Important Tips for Parents Teens & Children
Leah Atchison

What to Tell Your Children about Divorce
Darlene Weyburne

Books For Children

My Parents are Getting a Divorce – How to keep it together when Your Mon & Dad are Splitting Up
Florence Cadier & Melissa Daly

When Mom & Dad Divorce
Steven Nickman

Dinosaurs Divorce
Laurene K. Brown

How to Survive Your Parents’ Divorce
Nancy O’Keefe Bolick

Divorce & Separation
Patricia Murphy

How to Survive Your Parents’ Divorce – Kids’ Advice to Kids
Gayle Kimball

How it feels when Parents Divorce
Jill Krementz

Custody Battle – A Work-Book for Children
Nancy Martin & David L. Barber

My Parents Divorce
Julia Cole


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