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photo:  nursery crew

Providing a structured and positive environment for the development of responsible adults with assistance from community partnerships and services within Ramsey County.  Programs at the Correctional Facility include Sentence to Serve, Golf Course Maintenance and Nursery Crews to serve our community.

Adult and Court Services
Community Work Service | Courts | DWI | Domestic Abuse | Domestic Relations | Drug Testing | Intake | Investigation | Probation | Probation Reporting Center (PRC) | Sex Offenders


Correctional Facility (Workhouse)Correctional Facility | Admissions | Electronic Home Monitoring | Location | Medical Services | ProgramsVisitor Information | Deposit Money l Workforce Development | Work Release

Adult Detention Center (Jail) | Correctional Facility (Workhouse) | Government Center West | Second Judicial Court (Suburban Court)


Probation Offices
Arcade | Park Street Adult | Spruce Tree East | Spruce Tree North | Spruce Tree SouthSpruce Tree West 


Correctional Facility | Adult Detention Center (Jail) | Volunteers of America (VOA)