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Mission and Vision

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Mission Statement
Boys Totem Town (BTT) is a residential program for up to 85 adolescent boys who have been adjudicated delinquent by the Juvenile Court. It is a part of the Ramsey County Community Corrections Department and is located in the Battle Creek area of St. Paul, Minnesota. Its mission is "to protect the community by providing a safe custodial group living environment, opportunities for rehabilitation, housekeeping, food service, medical services and educational programs for boys committed by the juvenile court.

Vision Statement
Boys Totem Town is a part of Ramsey County Community Corrections. The Community Corrections Department is committed to being an agency where:

  • We see and treat each person as someone of worth, to be valued and respected
  • We work towards creating a just and safe community
  • We help juveniles make positive changes in their lives and work
  • We embrace the community as partners to do our common work
  • We seek a diversity of people and ideas to enrich our service
  • We strive to build trust within the department
  • We boldly pursue innovation and excellence
  • We believe that participation in decision-making is a shared responsibility