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Family & Friends

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Information for visiting, contacting and services provided to friends and family members within the corrections system.


Adult Detention Center (ADC) | Correctional Facility (Workhouse) | Juvenile Detention Center (JDC)

Visiting Hours and Information

Adult Detention Center (Jail) | Correctional Facility (Workhouse) | Juvenile Detention Center (JDC)


All mail is opened prior to distribution.  Prohibited items will be collected and destroyed.  Prohibited items include:  food, weapons, electronic devices, pornography, Polaroid photos and photos that include inappropriate content. 

Mailing Addresses

Inmate Name                          
Ramsey County ADC               
425 Grove Street                     
Saint Paul, MN 55101 

Inmate Name
Boys Totem Town
398 Totem Road
Saint Paul, MN   55119

Inmate Name
RC Correctional Facility
297 Century Avenue S.
Maplewood,  MN  55119

Inmate Name
Juvenile Detention Center
25 West 7th Street
Saint Paul, MN  55102


Incoming phone calls are not accepted at any of the detention facilities.  Telephone calls (outgoing only) are scheduled by the residents.

Medical Care 

Medical care is provided at all detention facilities.  Full-service medical clinics offer medical, dental, pharmaceutical and psychiatric care.  Health and medical information about inmates/residents is private and cannot be shared with anyone, not even the family. 

The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other state and federal laws, rules and regulations govern the sharing of information with anyone other than the patient.  We are required to keep health information private and to give notice of our legal duties and practices to protect private information.

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