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Effective December 3, 2007, we now ask the Court to direct all offenders to the Intake Unit as follows:

  • Offenders referred from the Courthouse should be directed to Room 86 of the  Courthouse (Downtown).
  • Offenders referred from the LEC and Maplewood Courts should be directed to our main offices at Ramsey County Government Center West, Suite 640-D.

This includes referrals for Pre-Sentence Investigations, probation supervision, and other services such as community work service and restitution.

Target Population
All offenders who are sentenced in Ramsey County and reside in other jurisdictions.


  • Complete transfer investigations to other jurisdictions, both in-state and out-of-state.
  • Monitor offenders while transfer of supervision is pending.
  • Provide court coverage at probation violation hearings for other adult supervision units.
  • Process in-coming transfer, pre-parole, and pre-sentence investigation requests for Adult Services Division.
  • Process new referrals for supervision from Ramsey County District Court.
  • Conduct criminal history checks.
  • Conduct risk assessments.
  • Orient offenders to probation.
  • Conduct transfer investigations on low risk offenders.