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The PSI (pre-sentence investigations) Unit is responsible for writing pre-sentence investigations on all persons convicted of felony offenses.  The Court may also order PSIs on misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor offenses.  The Unit writes PSIs as a courtesy for other counties or states as requested by those jurisdictions.  Staff complete a Level of Service Inventory - Revised on most of the defendants on whom we write reports.  In addition to PSIs, we complete Community Investigations on people convicted of murder in the first degree who are being considered for supervised release.
The PSI unit also covers most of the sentencing hearings for felony level offenses in Ramsey County and will cover probation violation hearing if requested to do so by the field agent.
Target Population
Offenders pending sentencing.
  • Conducting investigations as ordered by the District Court judges in Ramsey County.
  • Conducting pre-sentence investigations (PSI's) for courts in other counties in Minnesota and other states if the defendant is a resident of Ramsey County.
  • Conducting community investigations (life sentence cases) and post-sentence investigations for the Minnesota Department of Corrections.
  • Representing the Department at the majority of sentence hearings, subsequent to investigation, and many probation violation hearings in Ramsey County District Court.
  • During 2006, all staff were trained in the Level of Service Inventory - Revised (LSI-R). This actuarial risk assessment tool will be incorporated as part of the PSI beginning in 2007.  It replaces the Wisconsin Risk/Needs tool used since 1984.