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Frequently Asked Questions - JDC

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This information will hopefully answer some of the questions you may have while your child is in custody at the Ramsey County Juvenile Detention Center (JDC).  It is an understandably difficult time for parents, guardians, and family members. 

What is Detention?

The Juvenile Detention Center is a 24-hour secure facility that temporarily houses children who are awaiting court processing for alleged law violations.   

Where is the Juvenile Detention Center located?

25 West 7th Street
St Paul, MN  55102
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What happens when a child is taken to detention?

Your child may have been taken into custody by the police and brought to detention.  To ensure safety of staff and other residents, your child will be searched upon arrival at the center.  Your child will shower and change into a detention uniform.  The intake staff will secure basic information from your child and will notify you that he or she has been brought to the detention center by the police.  Your child will be assigned to a Pod to await the initial court hearing.   The court hearing will be scheduled for the next judicial day following the child’s admission.  You will have the opportunity to visit your child in the first 24-hours. 

What will my child do at JDC?

This facility is designed and staffed to provide your child a safe, secure and positive environment.  During his/her stay, your child will have access to educational services, self-improvement programming, health care and recreation. 

Will my child need an attorney?

Your child will have interaction with the Juvenile Courts.  If you do not have an attorney for your child, one will be appointed by the court.  You will be expected to attend your child’s court hearing.

What if my child is on medication?

Please bring any prescription medication to the Juvenile Detention Center.  The prescription medication must be in the original bottle with the prescription still attached. 

Is my child allowed to make and receive phone calls?

Your child will be allowed to call home at specific times on Tuesdays and Fridays only.  Residents cannot receive incoming calls.

My child is out of control – can I bring my child to detention?

Parents can not put their children in detention.  If a child’s behavior is so bad that it is dangerous to themselves or others, call the police.   

Is my child allowed to send and receive mail?

Residents are allowed to receive and are allowed to send two letters per day.  Incoming mail is opened by staff and checked for contraband, but staff does not read the letters.

Mail sent to residents should be addressed as follows:
Child’s Name
Juvenile Detention Center
25 West 7th Street
St Paul, MN  55102