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Juvenile & Family Justice Center (JFJC)

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photo:  Juvenile and Family Justice Center

The Ramsey County Juvenile & Family Justice Center is a co-ed, 86-bed, secure detention facility.  Eight living units (Pods) have individual rooms for the residents. 

A Special Housing Unit (SHU Pod) has 4 cells where residents with significant behavior problems or suicidal precautions are housed.  Each cell in the SHU Pod has an observation camera.  Residents on suicide precautions are personally checked by staff every 15 minutes.

Each year, the JFJC temporarily houses approximately 3,800 juvenile admitted from 6 surrounding counties and 10 police/sheriff departments. 

JFJC houses juveniles (10-17 years of age) who are:

  • Waiting for trial or court orders
  • Court ordered to a JDC program
  • Waiting transport to an outside treatment program

Residents are provided with basic needs and assurance of their legal rights.