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Mission, Vision, Values

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Integrity - Accountability - Innovation - Changing the Future One Life at a Time

Building safe and healthy communities through interventions that promote personal change and accountability.

Respect.  Integrity.  Professionalism.  Collaboration.  Communication.  Safety.

We treat others with dignity
We recognize and build upon each individual's capacity for change
We acknowledge and honor individual differences
We hold ourselves accountable for the impact of personal biases

We act in an ethical manner
Our behavior reflects our values
Decisions are made based upon articulated standards and principles
We do what we say we are going to do

We are accountable for our actions and hold others accountable for theirs
We offered alternatives to foster positive change
We manage public resources responsibly
We seek excellence and promote lifelong learning
We demonstrate initiative in solving problems
We learn from our history while embracing innovation, improvement, and outcome-based  
      decision making

We are active partners with our community
We welcome the diversity of ideas and recognize that our differences make us stronger
We recruit, develop, and maintain a workforce that reflects our diverse community
We share resources and information
We value and support citizen volunteers
We foster an environment that promotes balance between professional and personal needs

We practice clear, timely, respectful, and honest communication with all
We foster communication in all directions
We deal with conflicts directly
We promote constructive feedback
We practice effective listening skills

We provide a safe environment for staff, clients and the community by incorporating safety        
      standards into all aspects of our work
Services and policies are developed and evaluated according to their impact on community safety
We provide appropriate training to staff on safety and injury prevention
We maintain safe buildings, vehicles and equipment
We provide necessary staffing to ensure the safety of staff, clients, and the community