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Medical Services

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photo:  medical equipment
The Correctional Facility offers a full range of health care services.  Nurses are on-site 365 days a year.  Health and medical information about inmates is private and cannot be shared with anyone, not even the family.

Health services promotes self-care and nurses work with inmates to develop good health care habits.  The nursing staff ensures the availability of medications to inmates. 

Inmates seeking medical attention submit requests (make appointments) prior to 8 am each morning.  Health clinics are offered weekly to residents, including a family practice clinic twice a week.  A dentist is available for emergency purposes.  Nurses test for pregnancy, strep throat, sexually transmitted disease, and collect other lab work required to monitor medication levels.  The nurse assists with evaluation of suicidal residents and responds to medical code calls.

A five bed hospital ward is available for inmates requiring constant medical monitoring.  Dialysis, physical therapy and OB/GYN services are also available.

The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other state and federal laws, rules and regulations govern the sharing of information with anyone other than the patient.  We are required to keep health information private and to give notice of our legal duties and practices to protect private information.