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Work Release

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Work Release allows qualified individuals to check in and out of the correctional facility to maintain their job.  This program often allows inmates to return to a normal life after completing their sentence.  This program reduces the burden on taxpayers by reducing the likelihood that the inmate will need special services or financial assistance after completing their sentence.

The Correctional Facility reserves the right to assign or deny Work Release to any inmate.

Eligibility Criteria

Employment verification is required and the employer must approve the work release.  Check stubs, W-2 forms or tax records showing two weeks of continuous work are required.

Transportation is provided by the inmate.  Proof of auto insurance and a valid driver's license is required if driving.  Bus transportation is available to and from the Correctional Facility.

Fees are based on income and range up to $16 per day.  The fees for work release are pre-paid.