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Sex Offenders

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Predatory offenders are supervised by Ramsey County Community Corrections through probation and supervised release (parole).   This includes all sex offenses and crimes that require predatory offender registration.  Level 3 sex offenders are initially supervised by the Intensive Supervised Release Unit.  The level of supervision is determined by offense, various assessment tools, and compliance with supervision.  Many of the offenders are currently participating in sex-offender-specific treatment within the community setting.  We work with local police departments, the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department, sex offender treatment providers, Ramsey County Child Protection, MN Department of Corrections, and MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to monitor offender compliance with court orders.

Minnesota Department of CorrectionsLevel 3 Sex Offender Search

Ramsey County Child Protection 

Saint Paul Police Department

United States Department of Justice, Drew Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Registry