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Work for Community Corrections

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For a current list of job opportunities visit Ramsey County Human Resources.

The following positions are most frequently open - they work directly with adolescents in the residential treatment program:  Community Corrections Worker | Community Corrections Aide 


Duties and Responsibilities

To perform casework services and/or direct custody supervision in a designated area (such as probation/supervised release investigation, supervision and treatment, or institutional treatment, custody and program operation, with a culturally diverse population; crime victim restitution; domestic relations services) in order to carry out Court orders, State Corrections directives or departmental programs for community corrections services; and to perform related duties as assigned.

Examples of Work Performed
Conducts Court-ordered investigations by interviewing offenders, victims, treatment providers, law enforcement, and other relevant parties; documents background information and makes recommendations required for the disposition of cases such as criminal sentences and child custody and visitation rights; monitors client's adherence to conditions of probation, supervised release, or parole; prepares case and treatment plans based on assessment of client needs, and makes appropriate referrals; determines severity of clients' infractions of Court orders and reports serious infractions to corrections authorities and the Court, with recommendation for Court action and supporting documentation; provides custody/program supervision and rehabilitative services to individuals and groups in an adult or juvenile corrections institution; meets with teachers and school administrators regarding offender's educational problems and needs; evaluates and documents offender's activities and progress toward rehabilitation goals; plans and coordinates offenders post-institutional placement.

Minimum Qualifications
A Bachelor's Degree in a Social Science, or a Bachelor's Degree in another field, including 45 quarter or 30 semester credits in social sciences, or a Bachelor's Degree in another field and at least six months full-time equivalent experience in corrections or a closely related field. (No substitution for the Bachelor's Degree.)

Opportunities are available for full time and intermittent employment.  Intermittent employment is irregular, part-time shifts or on-call employment.

Duties and Responsibilities
To assist professional Community Corrections staff in probation, institution or other case management services by performing designated duties relating to client or resident supervision, treatment or counseling; to maintain records, provide transportation, and perform other duties to support probation, detention or other client services; and to perform related duties as assigned. (This is the entry level class in this class series. Assignments enable employees to obtain the knowledge, skills and abilities required for advancement to Community Corrections Aide II.)

Examples of Work Performed
Supervises clients in institutional or probation activities including treatment programs, school attendance, work activities, compliance with probation conditions and related activities; provides for safety and security of institutional residents, staff and visitors by controlling aggressive behavior, maintaining order, providing first aid as needed, searching residents and the physical plant, monitoring admissions and releases, screening and monitoring visitors to the institution, conducting surveillance and security checks of buildings and grounds, and monitoring security equipment; under the on-call supervision of management personnel, is responsible for the security of the institution and the safety of residents on third shift; and provides for the supervision of chronic truants; evaluates potential clients and makes recommendations to probation officers concerning placement in the truancy program; ensures compliance with the mandatory school attendance law by locating clients and transporting them to school; identifies and makes recommendations concerning appropriate academic programming for clients by evaluating all available educational and behavioral data; makes use of available community resources in developing a variety of activities for truant clients; assigns and supervises consequences for continued truancy such as supervised study time or house arrest.

Minimum Qualifications
High school graduation or equivalent, plus two years' experience in human service work. A Minnesota driver's license valid for the class of vehicles to be driven may be required depending on assignment. Two years of college with emphasis in the behavioral sciences may substitute for the experience requirement.