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Como Sediment Coring

Como coring imageWhat was Como like when this area was settled?  Was is deep?  Was it shallow?  This was an important question for the participants of the Lake Como Strategic Planning Process during early 2001.
Historians have differed. 

Some say the lake was fairly deep, clear, and a popular resort area- similar to McCarrons or Phalen.  Some say that the lake was nothing more than a shallow duck marsh and that the resorts were hunting clubs.

We knew that the solution was in the sediments of the lake.  The 8 cores we took helped settle the argument:  Lake Como was a shallow lake at the time this area was settled during the middle of the 19th century.



Partners - Ramsey Soil & Water Conservation District; Capitol Region Watershed District; U of M Dept of Soil, Water, and Climate;  U of M Limnological Research Center.

Project Manager - David Bauer (SWCD).

Project Staff - Dave Bauer (SWCD) Dan Wheeler (U of M Soils).