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Removing Lake Como's Sediment Deltas

Over 1,500 cubic yards of accumulated sediment were removed at the outlets of five storm sewers flowing into the Lake.   The sediment consists mostly of street sands applied to winter roads. 

Back hoe removing sedimentThe City of St. Paul vacuums much of the sand, but a lot of it still enters the storm sewer system and enters the lake. 

The backhoe removed over 120 dump truck loads of street sand from Lake Como.  It was last cleaned in the '80s.

The sediment was fanned out in deltas that reached as far as 200 feet into the lake.  They were removed during the Fall of 2001.  The Capitol Region Watershed District funded this project. 


Delta birdsCare was taken to map the sediment deltas during June of 2001.  By finding their depth and extent, disturbing the mucky natural bottom of Como was minimized.

The shoreline vegetation was restored following delta removal.



Partners - Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD); Ramsey Soil & Water Conservation District (RSWCD); Ramsey County Public Works (RCPW).

Project Manager - Terry Noonan (Ramsey County Public Works).

Project Staff - Terry Noonan (RCPW), Anna Gervais (RCPW), David Bauer (RSWCD).