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Conservation District Projects

BWSR Grant Projects

2013 Community Partners Grant (CWF)
Chelsea Heights Project (flyer)
     Cherokee Park Unity Church Project (flyer)
     Lakeview Lutheran Project (flyer)
     M.A.P.E. Project (flyer)
     Macalester Plymouth United Church Project Project (flyer)
     Redeeming Love Church Project (flyer)
     St. Paul United Church Project (flyer)
     St. Paul Academy and Summit School Project (flyer)

2013 Clean Water Assistance Grant (CWF)

      Lambert Creek Project

2011 BWSR Native Buffer Grant

      Arden Hills Island Beach Project

      Phalen Golf Course Project

      Round Lake Project

      Sanders Project

2010 BWSR Native Buffer Grant (Fact Sheet)

       Caskey Project

       Coleman Project

       Broghammer Project

       Murphy Project

       Nichols Project

       Northwestern College Project

       Weavers Project

       Como Lake Project

       Arden Hills Island Project

       Keller Golf Course Project

2009 BWSR Native Buffer Grant

         Langton Shoreline Project

         Long and Pike Shoreline Projects

         Whitaker Pond Project

         Rice Creek Streambank Project

          Owasso Shoreline Project

         Birch Lake Shoreline Project 

          McCarrons Lake shoreline Restoration

Past Projects

Digital Aerial Photography Archive (DAPA)

Como Sediment Coring

Woodview Marsh Restoration

Como Sediment Deltas