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Volunteer Rain Gauge Network

... since 1989 

Since 1989 the Ramsey Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD), now named the Ramsey Conservation District (RCD), has been part of the Minnesota Soil and Water Conservation District rain gauge monitoring program.

This program uses volunteer observers to monitor Minnesota's precipitation.  The data provides insight into how rainfall and other precipitation events affect our soils and waterways.  Our gaugers are an extremely valuable part of the state's weather data system.  Their contribution is essential to continuing research into our weather patterns.

Approximately 50 gaugers participate in our network.  Gaugers send their daily readings to the district on a monthly basis.  Our goal is to better understand the local climatic features through this information.  Many environmental protection organizations use the data to help solve complex problems.  The problems can concern hydrology, agriculture, soil erosion control, and engineering.  In addition, the data is used in the planning and design of natural resource conservation practices, e.g., flood control dams and lake-level augmentation systems.

We are always looking for more gaugers to participate!  If you would like to become a gauger, contact Ann WhiteEagle at 651-266-7271 or email.  All that is required of you is an open space to mount a gauge that we will provide and a willingness to record daily precipitation amounts.
To learn more about the Rain Gauge Monitoring Program, including viewing the data, visit the Minnesota Climatology Working Group.