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Vertical Control KMZ

A KMZ file is a compressed KML file.  A KMZ file is a file used to display geographical data.  This file type can be imported into many different applications made by Google, Microsoft, ESRI and others.

This file contains points representing the locations of Vertical Control Monuments (Bench Marks) within Ramsey County.  It also contains the following attributes:  Northing, Easting, Elevation, Date Set and a link to the relevant Bench Mark Data Sheet.

To download this file:

By taking possession of and using any KMZ file from Ramsey County, the user hereby agrees to the following:

The data is subject to revision and adjustment without notice to you.  RAMSEY COUNTY DOES NOT WARRANT OR GUARANTEE THE ACCURACY OF THE DATA CONTAINED THEREIN.  Ramsey County disclaims any liability for any injuries, time delays, or expenses you may suffer if you rely in any manner on the accuracy of the data.  The user is fully responsible for the use of any KMZ file from Ramsey County and the equipment in which the file is used.  Ramsey County is not obligated to provide technical support for the use of any KMZ file from Ramsey County.

  1. Click on the link below.
  2. Click “Save” (specify a location where you would like to save the KMZ file).
  3. Import the file into an application that supports KMZ format (In Google Earth, this is accomplished by using file/open and selecting the File).  Seek help contained within the application you are using for further information regarding importing KMZ files.

RamseyCountyBenchMarks3.kmz – updated March, 2013