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Section 13 Township 29 Range 22

These documents are replicas of the originals.

Signed originals of all certificates required by MS 381.12 subd. 3, effective August 1st, 2005, will be available at the Ramsey County Surveyor's Office.

NW Corner Monument 415

N1/4 Monument 416

NE Corner Monument 417

W 1/4 Monument 438

Witness Corner to Center Monument 439E

Witness Corner to Center Monument 439S

E 1/4 Monument 440

SW Corner Monument 461

E of S1/4 Monument 462E

SE Corner Monument 463

Certificates & Corner Ties are subject to Revision or Update without notice.  Last updated March 18, 2013.

For more information about available Monument Certificates & Corner Ties, please call the Ramsey County Surveyor's Office at 651.266.7170.