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Ramsey County Coordinates

Ramsey County Coordinate Manual

North American Datum of 1983 Coordinates     1986 Adjustment

Final Adjustment December 1991     Updated through 2009 (pdf)

This document signifies the completion of a project to modernize the land records mapping system so that it could serve as a base map for a computerized Land Information System.  Included in this resource are county coordinates, state plane coordinates, and geodetic positions (all based on the North American Datum of 1983) for the government corners and accessory monuments, which make up Ramsey County's survey control network. 

Ramsey County Coordinate List (Text format)

This document contains only the list of county coordinates, state plane coordinates, and geodetic positions for the government corners and accessory monuments in Ramsey County.  Reference maps and other documentation can be found in the Coordinate Manual above. 

County Coordinates are subject to Revision or Update without notice. 

If your coordinate values are not compatible with those listed, please check Section Corner Coordinates or call the Ramsey County Surveyor's Office at 651.266.7170.

City of St. Paul Survey information can be found on their website.