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9-1-1 (TTY capable)

Non Emergency:
651.767.0640 (TTY capable)


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Non-Emergency Services


Call 651.767.0640 for non-emergency or administrative help from public agencies.

Non-emergency situations include any incident that does not require an immediate emergency response, including:  Vehicles abandoned or illegally parked, animal control, street or utility maintenance, help finding social services, and other administrative functions of public safety and related government agencies.

Police Reports and Investigations

To file most crime or property damage reports, you need to be in the city and near the location of the crime. The only exception is St. Paul Police Department’s Teleserve. 

For a copy of a police report, call our non-emergency line, 651.767.0640, and ask for the records unit of the city where the report was taken. The Ramsey County dispatch operator will give you a phone number to call for more information. Have the correct case number ready.

To speak with a police investigator in relation to a previous emergency call or case under investigation, call our non-emergency number, 651.767.0640, to be connected. Be prepared to provide the city where the crime occurred and the case number, if any.

The Saint Paul Police Department’s Teleserve

When reporting a property crime that occurred in the City of Saint Paul, your information may be referred to the Saint Paul Police Department’s Teleserve officer for service. Teleserve is generally available Monday thru Friday 8:00 am thru 4:00 pm, and some Saturdays. Call 651-767-0640, the ECC non-emergency number, for an operator to record your information.

If 1)the property crime occurred within the City limits, 2) you have no information on a suspect, 3) the crime was committed long enough ago that any suspect has likely left the immediate area, and 4) the crime did not result in any injuries, then your information may be referred to a St. Paul Police Teleserve officer.

The Teleserve officer will attempt to contact you by phone to complete the Saint Paul police report, which you may need for insurance or other purposes. If the officer is unable to speak with you after several attempts, your report request will be cancelled. Once canceled, you must call our non-emergency number to start the reporting process again. Sometimes the Teleserve officer may have a Saint Paul patrol officer sent to the crime scene or speak to you for follow-up information needed for the police report. When a Teleserve officer is not available, a Saint Paul patrol officer will be dispatched to the crime scene or your location, if within the City limits.

Help Contacting the Appropriate Public Safety (9-1-1) Center

The Ramsey County Emergency Communications Center (RCECC) will try to help you contact the appropriate agency to report a public safety incident outside of Ramsey County or Minnesota.

If we find a number, we will give it to you for you to call. Please note: 9-1-1 is not 4-1-1. If you need help finding a phone number and do not have an emergency, call 4-1-1.

Towed Vehicles and Snow Emergencies

Call our non-emergency number, 651.767.0640, at any time of the day to learn if your vehicle has been towed in any Ramsey County city, except in White Bear Lake or on interstate and state highways. The operator can tell you or will connect you to the information needed to determine if a snow emergency has been declared in your city.

Citizens of St. Paul can call 651.266.SNOW at anytime to hear if a snow emergency has been declared.