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2013 E-Roster Pilot Project Information

History of the Pilot Project
The e-roster pilot project was authorized by the 2013 State Legislature for use in the 2013 city and school district elections.  Five cities were authorized to participate: Saint Paul, Saint Anthony, Minnetonka, Dilworth, and Moorhead. 

E-rosters will be used in eight Saint Paul polling places and in the City of Saint Anthony.   E-rosters will be used to check in registered voters, automate the non-registered voting process, and help with voter statistics at the end of Election Day. 

Election Judge Training
Election judges who will use the e-rosters will receive specialized training at the end of October.  Judges who serve in e-roster precincts were notified in early October.  E-roster vendors will provide training.

Feedback will be provided to the Secretary of State's office. The office is compiling statewide feedback in order to submit a report to the legislature.  We are welcoming feedback from election judges and voters. Election judges will complete feedback forms in the polling place.  Voters who would like to tell us about their e-roster experiences can visit this website after Election Day: .

Saint Paul will be using three vendors:

All trainings on e-rosters are open to all election judges and the public.

Saint Anthony will be using ES&S in its one Ramsey County precinct.

Ramsey County Precincts using E-Rosters

  • Saint Anthony P-1: Chandler Place
  • Saint Paul W-1 P-2: Jimmy Lee Rec Center
  • Saint Paul W-2 P-2: Linwood Rec Center
  • Saint Paul W-3 P-5: Graham Place
  • Saint Paul W-4 P-10: St Paul Council of Churches
  • Saint Paul W-5 P-1: North Dale Rec Center
  • Saint Paul W-6 P-4: Farnsworth School
  • Saint Paul W-6 P-5: Arlington Hills Presbyterian Church
  • Saint Paul W-7 P-12: Battle Creek Rec Center

E-Roster Information Card

Each household in the Saint Paul precincts listed above will be mailed an e-roster voter information card prior to Election Day:

For More Information

Please visit the vendors' websites or email