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Name of candidate or committee: Moore for Sheriff
Office sought or ballot question: Ramsey County Sheriff County Wide
Type of report: Amended Final Report
Period of time covered by report: From 01/01/2004 To 01/31/2006

Contributions Received

Give the total of all contributions received from the start of the reporting period up to five days prior to the end of the period of time covered by this report. Contributions should be listed by type (cash or in-kind) rather than contributor. (See note on contribution limits.)
Please itemize all contributions from a single source that are equal to or greater than $500 ($100 County candidates) during the calendar year.

Cash: $0.00
In-Kind: $0.00
Total: $0.00

Itemized Contributions
Cash Total $0.00    In-Kind Total: $0.00


Include every disbursement made for a political purpose during period of time covered by this report.

Date Purpose Amount
12/29/2005 Finney for Sheriff $100.00
01/07/2006 Finney for Sheriff $500.00
01/07/2006 DFL $722.79

Total: $1,322.79

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