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Ranked Voting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q: Am I required to rank more than one candidate when voting?

A: No, you have the option to rank only one candidate.


Q: How many candidates can I rank?

A: You can rank as many candidates as are on the ballot, up to a maximum of six.


Q: Can I have more than one first choice?

A: No, you can only rank one candidate per choice.


Q: Do I rank the candidates for the school board?

A: No, school board members are elected using the traditional voting method.


Q: Will I be able to rank the candidates for the 2016 election?

A: No, Ranked Voting is only used to elect candidates for Saint Paul city offices.


Q: When will we know who has won the election?

A: The winner of the election will be known on election night if a candidate gets a majority of first choice votes on Election Day. If additional counting is required, the official winner will be known no later than two weeks after the election.