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St. Paul City and School Board Candidates and Candidate Committees 

2015 Campaign Finance Information

Reports and forms due in 2015 for candidates(committees) on ballot

New candidates and candidate committees
All candidates and candidate committees are required to file campaign finance reports with Ramsey County Elections when they receive contributions and/or make expenditures equal to or greater than $100 in a calendar year.  Upon filing the following two forms, you become registered with Ramsey County Elections and then must follow the reporting schedule for registered candidates and committees.  This registration stays active until a candidate or committee files a final report.

  • Registration & Statement of Organization  
    Due within 14 days of receiving contributions and/or making expenditures equal to or greater than $100 in a calendar year.  Updated statements of organization must be filed any time there is a change in committee information (except liquid assets).
  • Initial report 
    One-time report due within 14 days of receiving contributions or making expenditures of $100 or more in a calendar year.  This report opens a committee account with Ramsey County Elections.  If this report has previously been filed by the committee, it does not need to be filed again unless the committee closed its account with Ramsey County Elections in the past and must open a new account. 

Registered candidates and candidate committees

  • Statement of Economic Interest 
    Due from city candidates within 14 days of filing an affidavit of candidacy or petition to appear on the ballot. (School board candidates do NOT submit this form.)
  • Two week pre-primary report 
    Due 2 weeks (14 days) before the primary, if one is occurring for the Saint Paul School Board offices.
  • Eight week pre-election report 
    Due 8 weeks (56 days) before the general election, if there is no primary (September 8, 2015). 
  • Two week pre-election report 
    Due 2 weeks (14 days) before the general election (October 20, 2015).
  • Certification of Filing
    Due within seven days after the general or special election (November 10, 2015).
  • January report 
    Due at noon on the last Tuesday in January of each year (January 26, 2016). 

Reports and forms due in non-election year

  • January report 
    Due on the last Tuesday in January of each year 
  • If a new candidate/committee reaches $100 or more in contributions and/or expenditures in a non-election year, the candidate/committee must file a Registration and Statement of Organization and initial report within 14 days of reaching $100. The candidate/committee must then also file the January report.   

Reporting period for all reports

The reporting period is from the day following the last reporting date on the previously filed report up to and including the fifth day before the current report is due.  However, the January report must include all transactions from the end date of the last previous report up to and including December 31 of the previous year.

Information to be reported

  • Summary of all contributions received, whether cash or in-kind, during the reporting period  
  • Summary of all expenditures made during the reporting period  
  • Names of persons making contributions of $50 or more in the aggregate during the calendar year, address, employer or occupation if self-employed, the amount of the contribution, and the date the contribution was received  
  • Names of persons/businesses to whom expenditures were made, the purpose of the expenditure, the date of the expenditure, and the amount of the expenditure 
  • Current account balance

Closing committee account

  • Final report  
    A candidate or committee may dissolve a candidate/committee account and file a final report at any time once all debts have been paid and all assets in excess of $100 in the aggregate have been disposed of.  Filing a final report ends all reporting requirements with Ramsey County Elections.  For laws governing disposal of assets, see Minn. Stat. Ch. 211A.13 and Ch. 211B.12 subd (6).

Contribution limits - Saint Paul Mayor
Year when office is not on the ballot: $250
Year when office is on the ballot: $1000 

Contribution limits - Saint Paul City Council
Year when office is not on the ballot: $250
Year when office is on the ballot: $600

Contribution limits - Independent School District 625 Candidates
Year when office is not on the ballot: $250
Year when office is on the ballot: $1000

Prohibited committee transfers
Candidates for city offices may not accept transfers from a principal campaign committee (such as a committee established for a candidate for a state office under Minn. Stat. Ch. 10A) and must not make contributions to a principal campaign committee, unless the contribution is made from the personal funds of the candidate.